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Because the smoker cannot enjoy the smoking when they are patronizing at the restaurant. Smoking not only affects smokers but also threatens the life of non-smokers. According to the evaluation, it has aboutconditions are involved by lung cancer andpeople die of lung cancer in the United States in Within some period of time, the inhaled smoke causes lung cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke among other diseases.

Allanah, who is a non-smoker, thinks smoking in public area should not be prohibited because smokers should have a right and freedom, such as walking on the street or anywhere same as other people.

The administrative department for industry and commerces shall not approve and register an enterprise that has not obtained a license for the tobacco monopoly production enterprise.

Passive smoking, the inhalation of smoke from a cigarette that another person has smoked, causes many problems such as asthma, headaches and an increased risk of heart and lung cancer.

Smoking threatens young women

They cannot even enjoy their meals because of the destructive smoke from the table of a neighbor. There are many reasons that support this point of view. Article 22 Whoever consigns the transportation of tobacco monopoly commodities to others or undertakes the transportation thereof by himself must hold a transportation permit signed and issued by the department of tobacco monopoly administration or its authorized agency; consignees may not undertake the transportation for any consignor who does not hold a transportation permit.

Public places can be very harmful not only to the smokers, but also to the nonsmokers. Article 30 Whoever, in violation of this Law, purchases leaf tobacco without authorization shall be fined by the department of tobacco monopoly administration, and the leaf tobacco illegally purchased shall be repurchased by the said department at the price set by the State; if the illegal purchase involves large quantities, the leaf tobacco purchased and the illegal income derived therefrom shall be confiscated.

Non-designated enterprises may not print trade mark labels for tobacco products. For examplewhen a person works in long shift hourssmoking a cigarette could be the only way out through out the day.

This argument is, to some extent, nullified by epidemiological research. Thus, a smoke-free China is on the horizon.

Banning Smoking In Public Places Essay

Article 19 Advertising for tobacco products shall be banned on broadcasting stations, television stations, or in newspapers or periodicals. Maybe, in-person sensitization is needed to convince more smokers to quit the habit.

ETS has been proven to be harmful to everyone. Article 29 Any enterprise engaged in the import and export of tobacco monopoly commodities, the consignment for sale of foreign tobacco products or the purchase and sale of duty-free foreign tobacco products within a customs surveillance zone shall be subject to the approval of the department of tobacco monopoly administration under the State Council or the department of tobacco monopoly administration at the provincial level and must obtain a special license for the tobacco monopoly operation enterprise.

By banning smoking in all public areas, the government shows support for the fact that smoking is bad, and it helps to set changes to the mind set in people reminding them that smoking is not a healthy habit. Article 37 Where an enterprise or individual, in violation of the provisions of Article 21 of this Law, illegally prints trade mark labels for tobacco products, the administrative department for industry and commerce shall destroy the printed trade mark labels, confiscate the illegal income derived therefrom and concurrently impose a fine.

Local people's governments shall not assign additional production quotas to an enterprise producing tobacco products. This is a proof that smoking is an addictive habit, and it is not easy to stop. Article 32 Where an enterprise that does not hold a license for the tobacco monopoly production enterprise produces tobacco products, the department of tobacco monopoly administration shall order it to close down, confiscate the illegal income derived therefrom and concurrently impose a fine.

It might help for a short period of time. The effects can be tangible, consistent and at time permanent. The prices of such indicators shall be set by the pricing authorities under the State Council together with the department of tobacco monopoly administration under the State Council.

Article 21 Trade mark labels for tobacco products must be printed by enterprises designated by the administrative department for industry and commerce at the provincial level.

Clearly, it has not been left behind when it comes to advocacy. Children are easily influenced in their growing stages. Medical studies have shown that smoking not only leads to health problems for the smoker, but also for people close by.

Allanah 4 From my point of view, smoking should be banned in public places. Cigarette contains thousands of different organic chemicals. Heavy penalties should be imposed on those who are found smoking especially in social places. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

In the article, the statement of restaurant revenue implies that the income of restaurant for this year is less 0. Feel free to check samples of such essays or watch talk shows. Out of the twenty people four smoked. Also, patients with passive smoking diseases are totally unnecessary as they did nothing to increase their health risks.

Tobacco companies or their authorized agencies shall, after setting price on a grading basis and according to the State-prescribed standards, purchase all the leaf tobacco grown by leaf tobacco growers within the plantation areas specified in the leaf tobacco purchasing contracts.

Individuals are faced with the risk of contracting lung cancer, high blood pressure and cataracts among other diseases. Karpilovsky 3 On the other hand, some businessmen think smoking should not be banned due to their businesses will be affected by the smoking ban.

Smoking in Public Places Essays: OverSmoking in Public Places Essays, Smoking in Public Places Term Papers, Smoking in Public Places Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access Cigarette smoking ban is becoming a controversial social issue.

Some people support the opinion of. What kind of arguments one can suggest to prove that smoking should be banned in bars, restaurants and all other public places?

No more second-hand smoking! It is a well-known fact that second-hand smoking is one of the cancer causes. Rogerian Argument & Ban on Smoking in Public Places Home Essay Samples Rogerian Argument & Ban on Smoking in Public Places Cigarette smoking has serious health problems both to the first-hand and second-hand smokers.

· A number of designated smoking rooms have recently appeared in public places in Hohhot, capital of China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, which has sparked heated discussions among citizens, reports Almost no middle ground exists on the topic of tobacco smoking, and individuals against smoking have taken great strides to promote the cessation of smoking in public places.

Unfortunately, this has led to the formation of numerous laws that forbid smoking in specific public places like restaurants, bars. · The central leadership has instructed leading officials to "take the lead" in adhering to the smoking ban in public spaces.

China is the world's largest cigarette producer and consumer. The number of smokers exceeds million, with at least million nonsmokers regularly exposed to

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