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Of course there are certain grey areas, such as using certain low consequence narcotics on a very rare basis wherein the overall effect may even promote health.

There is always the possibility that a person or group may misrepresent themselves in the listing.

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Wicca professes the transmigration of souls. Wicca, the modern religion of witchcraft, is probably the most misunderstood of our time. One should always make sure their actions are honorable because everything they do will return in thrice fold — bad or good. Unto this were all of the knights sworn of the Round Table, both old and young.

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Regardless of the transgressions of some Christian leaders, a study of the past reveals that rather than being an instrument of oppression, Christianity has instead been the single greatest force for good in the history of the world—for the promotion of justice, equality, the rights of women, credit and business development, prosperity, mercy, humane treatment, medicine, addiction remediation, and caring for the sick and the disadvantaged.

For example, in Denmark there is a legend of Holger, a Danish warrior who traveled to many countries but finally came back home and fell into a long sleep. This entry was posted in General.

Pagan Paths for a Gay Man: Wicca or Druidry?

Wicca is a unique case for scientists who are given the opportunity to observe the birth and development of a new religion with their own eyes, and it certainly has great potential for further development and dissemination.

On January 1st, the Sun will start to climb a little higher in the sky and stay a little longer. Humans are the masters and keepers of the earth.

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Rather, Christ has trodden all of the pathways before us… We only have to be quiet and listen… This [Celtic Christian] sense of the world as holy, as the Book of God—as a healing mystery, fraught with divine messages—could never have risen out of Greco-Roman civilization, threaded with the profound pessimism of the ancients and their Platonic suspicion of the body as unholy and the world devoid of meaning.

Therefore the storied King Arthur was probably an amalgamation of several of the above figures; some believe that he had no actual historical existence and was instead the personification of a Celtic god. Today, people have reclaimed this word in their pursuit of Wiccan religion.

It also summarily condemns suicide, drug use, promiscuity If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with me.

Wiccans feel they should not accept money for the use of their power because by doing so it will take control and they will become like other religions. This somewhat Christianized, but nevertheless, very raw and heathen Celtic society was the world of King Arthur.

But the story goes on: In Druidry there are more deities, but Father Sky and Mother Earth are very similar to the Wiccan ones in many respects, and are perhaps the most important deities, particularly given the Druidical focus on the solstices and equinoxes.

The Wiccan Religion

I have more experience of Wicca than Druidry, so my answers to this question are slanted towards Wicca, primarily because I feel like I can answer the questions and address the issues more accurately. The spirit of our age is one of militantly intolerant political correctness. Imbolc is a festival for the Maiden, from February 2 to March 21; this is her season to prepare for renewal and growth.

Then please click on the Paypal Secure Server logo and make a small donation to catherine yronwode for the creation and maintenance of this site. It is said that in a time of national crisis, he will awake and return to fight for Denmark. It was an attempt to pierce the magic and the limited power of the Druids as represented by Merlin and the natural world, and to seek for God and heaven.


Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, was born in a British (or possibly Scottish) coastal village around AD As a teenager he was captured by an Irish slave trader and sold as a slave to an Irish chieftain. The Pagan Book of Living and Dying is the pagan omnibus on death, much more than just a history of various cultural rituals and beliefs regarding death.

This collection of essays, prayers, and songs is a living document that draws on the resources of today's entire pagan community and fills the void left by ancient sacramental rites lost over the centuries. - These are terms that may help you understand my essay better. · Wicca- the natural religion of the world; not a Christian religion.

· Pagans- followers of a non-Christian religion, that focuses around nature. · Spells- magical workings that change the present; mostly considered negative workings by. About Witchvox: Mission Statement: The Witches' Voice is a proactive educational network providing news, information services and resources for and about Pagans, Heathens, Witches and Wiccans.

Neutrality: TWV is a neutral forum open to all adherents of the various Heathen religions, Pagan, Witch, Wiccan traditions and to Solitary Practitioners who/that follow a positive code of ethics such as.

Witchcraft essays Witchcraft is a very interesting topic which is highly misunderstood by society. These people of nature have a way of life that made me want to learn more about them. They often seem bizarre and are mostly outcast from the "norm" of society.

Wicca combines the tradition of mystery, witchcraft, natural and ceremonial magic. Followers of Wicca worship the goddess and horned god, personifying the dual nature of the universe (male-female, moon-sun, earth-sky).

The goddess and god do not have their own name, they are rather archetypes of deities found in different cultures.

Wiccan essays
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